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Nature’s Oasis: Ottawa’s Finest Glamping Destinations

Nature's Oasis Ottawa's Finest Glamping Destinations

Glamping was coined in the early 21st century, blending the words “glamorous” and “camping”. Since then, it’s a trend that has taken the world by storm!

Whether you’re planning a romantic getaway, a family vacation, or a solo retreat, our guide will help you find the perfect glamping destination.

So, if you’re looking for a place in and near Ottawa that can give you a unique outdoor retreat, keep reading! 

Indulge in Luxury at Back Forty Camping

Travel time from Ottawa: 6 hr 10 min


Address: 145166, Side Rd 16, Meaford, ON N4L 1W5, Canada

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Out in the countryside near Meaford, there’s this spot called Back Forty Glamping. They’ve got these cool 24-feet wide geodesic domes that can sleep two adults comfortably.

The domes look pretty slick and offer a fancy experience. Inside, it’s got this bachelor pad vibe going on. There’s a king-size bed, heating and cooling sorted, a sitting area, a little kitchenette, and a bathroom.

Each dome also comes with its own private deck, complete with a hot tub and BBQ setup.

Pro tip:
If you’d like, you can opt to get the movie night package so you can watch a few films while you’re in bed.

Embrace Tranquility at Bartlett Lodge

Travel time from Ottawa: 3 hr 4 min


Address: Highway 60, KM 23, 7, Algonquin Park, ON P0A 1H0, Canada


Nestled along Cache Lake right in the heart of the Highway 60 Corridor, Bartlett Lodge is a true gem of Algonquin Park. It’s been around for ages and is a real icon of the area.

The cabins there have that classic rustic charm. You’ve got three choices for where to crash: a cozy lakeside cottage, a traditional log cabin, or if you’re feeling fancy, a deluxe platform glamping tent.

Bartlett Lodge is also famous for its four-course dinners. Each evening, you’ve got a great selection to choose from, and they switch up the menu a bit each day to keep things fresh.

Pro tip:
Oh, and here’s a neat perk: no need to hassle with checking in. They’ve already got you on their radar, so as soon as you arrive, the boat driver swoops in to help you haul your stuff straight to your cabin. 

Unwind Amidst Nature at Four Corners Algonquin

Travel time from Ottawa: 2 hr 39 min


Address: 29924 ON-60, Whitney, ON K0J 2M0, Canada

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Nestled 90 acres deep in the Canadian Shield, Four Corners Algonquin offers glamping, camping, and tiny house accommodations at the edge of Algonquin Park’s east gate.

Glamping tents here resemble a bohemian retreat, as the tents are covered in white cloth with a bug screen. As you enter, there are two twin size beds and two twin pull-out floor mattresses, plus you’ve got a nice patio and an outdoor dining table.

But if you opt for the bubble tents, you’re in for a gorgeous star-filled night sky as this transparent dome lets you watch all the stars.

Pro tip:
They provide a whole bunch of complimentary items like sunscreen, shampoo and conditioner, body wash, and a whole lot more so you have the option not to bring your own.

Discover Adventure at the Pickalotta

Media credit: itinyhouses

Travel time from Ottawa: 53 min


Address: 3710 County Rd 7, Chesterville, ON K0C 1H0, Canada

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Now, this adorable little cabin is called Pickalotta – it’s seriously one of a kind! It’s a mushroom-inspired cabin with a lush green roof, nestled in the midst of nature’s beauty.

Now, Pickalotta might be small, but it’s mighty cozy. It’s got enough space to sleep three guests comfortably, and there’s even a living room and a kitchen – talk about quaint!

One of the coolest things about staying here is that you can literally pick your own veggies from the garden to cook up some fresh, homemade meals. 

Pro tip:
They’ve also got a stone outdoor oven where you can whip up everything from mouth watering homemade pizza to a warm loaf of bread. 

Experience Serenity at Sunrise Ottawa Riverfront

Media credit: tinyvlg

Travel time from Ottawa: 40 minutes


Address: Clarence-Rockland, Ontario

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Located on the Ottawa River, the Sunrise Ottawa Riverfront is the place to be if you want to stay somewhere fancy and at the same time, being close enough to nature.

These glamping tents they’ve got look like something out of a dream – they’re shaped like igloos! Inside, they’re decked out with all sorts of fancy amenities like a queen bed, kitchenette, and a cozy sitting area.

Plus, it’s not too cramped inside as you get your own en-suite bathroom, compost toilet and portable sink outside. 

Pro tip:
Don’t forget to try out all the other amenities they offer, like kayaking, pedal boats and others. It comes with your stay!

Immerse Yourself in Comfort at Harmony Outdoor Inn

Travel time from Ottawa: 4 hr 51 min


Address: 6 Harmony Ln, Parry Sound, ON P2A 0B1, Canada

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Right in Parry Sound, Harmony Outdoor Inn is a glamping retreat that offers both relaxation and recreation. It’s a bed and breakfast with a multitude of activities like hiking, kayaking, canoeing, and paddleboarding, among others.

Here, you’ll have access to hot cedar outdoor showers, fully outfitted covered outdoor kitchen/pavilion area, communal fridge, and composting outhouses.

Pro tip:
Before you leave, you’re expected to gather up your used sheets and toss them in the laundry basket.

Explore the Wilderness at Northridge Inn & Resort

Travel time from Ottawa: 4 hr 21 min


Address: 712 S Lake Bernard Rd, Sundridge, ON P0A 1Z0, Canada

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Northridge Inn & Resort is a top-notch place. So much so that it’s been awarded by reputable travel websites like Tripadvisor, NARCITY, and Northridge.

This beautiful resort has gorgeous glamping tents with scenic views of Lake Bernard with a private porch, fresh air, and large luxurious suite space. 

Inside the glamping area, there’s two portable washrooms with hand washing sinks, a lodge, and you get a complimentary continental breakfast.

Pro tip:
Make sure to bring bug repellants and sunscreen because the area is known for having a lot of mosquitoes and strong sun exposure.

Escape to Relaxation at Alabaster Acres

Travel time from Ottawa: 4 hr 39 min


Address: 18692 Hurontario St, Caledon Village, ON L7K 0Y1, Canada

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Alabaster Acres is a family run farm in Caledon Village that offers luxury glamping nestled in a tranquil forest setting. 

Inside the glamping tent, you have a luxurious king sized comfy bed, complete with heated mattress pad and two duvets. There’s even a mini fridge!

We have to say, the tent itself is quite spacious, and plus, you have a roomy outdoor patio with a cozy fire pit for enjoying the starry nights. The place also offers farm stays, workshops and hands-on livestock experiences.

Pro tip:
We would recommend you bring earplugs as the farm is set back off of a busy highway with constant traffic. 

Engage in Outdoor Activities at Northern Edge Algonquin

Travel time from Ottawa: 4 hr 27 min


Address: Kawawaymog Lake Algonquin Park, South River, ON P0A 1X0, Canada

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The Northern Edge Algonquin Retreat Centre is something special. Nestled on a hillside amidst the lush greenery of the retreat center, they’re the perfect blend of comfort and nature.

What makes this spot really stand out is its location. Perched at the top of a forested hill, you get the most incredible views of Kawawaymog Lake and Algonquin Park. 

But here’s the kicker – these tent cabins aren’t just for small groups. Nope, they can accommodate big gatherings, anywhere from 10 to 25 people!

Pro tip:
There’s a tea station here that you can use for a late-night pick-me-up or a calming cup before bed. 

Revel in Solitude at Muskoka Dome

Travel time from Ottawa: 4 hr 7 min


Address: 1010 Peterson Rd, Bracebridge, ON P1L 1X1, Canada

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This amazing geodesic dome is tucked away in the beautiful Muskoka woods. These domes offer the perfect mix of eco-friendly comforts and luxurious amenities, right in the heart of nature.

Now, let’s talk about what’s inside. You’ve got all the basics covered – a cozy bed and a kitchenette to whip up some snacks. But here’s where it gets fancy – heated floors to keep your tootsies warm, an espresso machine.

But wait, there’s more! They’ve got all sorts of cool add-ons you can opt for during your stay. A charcuterie board filled with delicious treats, a scrumptious breakfast delivered right to your doorstep, or even a massage kit for some extra relaxation.

And if you’re feeling fancy, they’ve got packages for all sorts of occasions – from proposals to girls’ getaways, or even just a fun photo op.

Pro tip:
The best part here is watching the moon transverse the sky through the skylight so keep an eye out for that.