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The 10 Most Authentic Persian Restaurants in Ottawa

The 10 Most Authentic Persian Restaurants in Ottawa

Now that you’re craving Persian cuisine, I’ve got good news for you! Ottawa offers some authentic Persian restaurants that have those plates piled high with saffron-infused rice, kebabs, and stews that’ll make you drool.

This time, I’m taking you through the crème de la crème of Persian spots you’ve got to try by listing down Ottawa’s best Persian restaurants! Each one’s a gem so keep on reading!

Persis Grill 


Address: 2288 Tenth Line Rd, Ottawa, ON K4A 0X4, Canada 

Contact details: +1 613-824-9978 

Operating hours: 

  • Monday to Thursday – 11:30 AM to 8:30 PM
  • Friday and Saturday – 11:30 AM to 10 PM
  • Sunday – 11:30 AM to 9 PM

Cost: $$-$$$

Persis Grill is kind of like a game-changer since they have the most mind-bendingly good zereshk polo, if that’s your jam. It’s an outrageously tasty chicken dish accompanied by barberry and saffron rice.

If that doesn’t float your boat, no stress, because their ghormeh sabzi—a stew made with sautéed herbs, kidney beans, and dried lime—is another mouth-watering dish. Oh, and don’t forget their chelo kabab, which is a house specialty!

Pro tip: Remember to check out their website since they’ve got sweet deals for large take-out orders.

Saffron Kabab Restaurant


Address: 1729 Bank St Unit 105, Ottawa, ON K1V 7Z4, Canada

Contact details: +1 613-260-2229

Operating hours: 

  • Monday to Sunday – 11:30 AM to 9 PM

Cost: $-$$

Saffron Kabab Restaurant is THE place to be if you’re craving authentic Persian goodness. Their best seller here is, of course, the saffron kabab!

It’s perfectly marinated and grilled, but don’t just stop at the kababs; give the Persian rice a try, because they’re good too! For your dessert, you better order the faloodeh, a traditional Persian frozen dessert that’s noodles mixed up in a semi-frozen syrup.

Pro tip: They have a killer lunch special every day and a dine-in special on weekends, so better check that out.

Cafe Tehran


Address: 470 Rideau St, Ottawa, ON K1N 8C1, Canada

Contact details: +1 613-860-8000

Operating hours: 

  • Monday – 12 PM to 7 PM
  • Tuesday to Thursday – 12 PM to 9 PM
  • Friday and Saturday – 12 PM to 10 PM
  • Sunday – 12 PM to 8 PM

Cost: $$

Café Tehran offers delicious Persian breakfast sandwiches. They’re the bee’s knees, and that barbari bread with walnut feta, cucumber, and mint is absolute bliss.

And don’t forget to sample their Persian drinks too, like the saffron tea or Persian hot chocolate. A sip of either, and you’ll feel like you’ve been teleported to the streets of Tehran!

Pro tip: Their breakfast is special all day on Sundays, so don’t miss out. You can grab your brunch buddies and head there!

Simbad Bakery and Persian Kabob


Address: 471 Hazeldean Rd, Kanata, ON K2L 4B8, Canada

Contact details: +1 613-831-1311

Operating hours: 

  • Monday to Sunday – 8 AM to 8 PM

Cost: $-$$

If you’re a fan of fresh, homemade-style Persian bread, Simbad Bakery and Persian Kabob are your places to be. Make sure to get your hands on their lavash flatbread.

It’s light, thin, and exceptionally good with their homemade dips. Plus, their sandwich combos with classic Persian fillings like kabobs or sausages are dope too.

Pro tip: Make sure to get there early, as their bread tends to sell out pretty fast. You wouldn’t want to miss out on their fresh bread now, would you?

Chelochi Grill Ottawa


Address: 2900 Gibford Dr UNIT #8, Ottawa, ON K1V 1C3, Canada

Contact details: +1 613-736-1141

Operating hours: 

  • Sunday to Thursday – 11 AM to 9 PM
  • Friday and Saturday – 11 AM to 10 PM

Cost: $-$$

If kebabs are what you love, then Chelochi Grill Ottawa is the right place. Our top recommendation here is the jujeh kebab, which is served with grilled tomatoes and saffron basmati rice and is a firm crowd favourite.

And take it from a local who’s been there, done that—don’t leave without trying their mast-o-khiar. It’s a cool, creamy yogurt with cucumbers and herbs, so it’s the perfect addition to end your meal!

Pro tip: The family feast combo is where it’s at if you’re rolling with your family jam! You get a bit of everything, and it’s perfect to share.

Explosion Persian Style


Address: 293 St. Laurent Blvd, Ottawa, ON K1K 2Z3, Canada

Contact details: +1 613-741-2323

Operating hours: 

  • Tuesday to Thursday – 1 PM to 10 PM
  • Friday and Saturday – 1 PM to 12 AM
  • Sunday – 1 PM to 11 PM

Cost: $$

Explosion Persian Style’s khoresh bademjan is a bomb—it’s this eggplant stew that’s loaded with beef and simmering in tomato sauce. Now, if you’re into rice (and let’s be real, who isn’t?), their baghali polo is the stuff of legends.

It’s rice mixed with dill and fava beans, and they usually pair it with lamb shank. And do not walk away from this spot without trying their kabab tabei that’s cooked in a pan and not grilled, and it’s unbelievable!

Pro tip: After all those rich dishes, don’t forget to try their refreshing dough (yogurt soda; you gotta trust me on this one). Also, for mid-week munchies, hit up their mid-week lunch specials for a killer deal on your Persian favourites.

Ayla’s Social Kitchen


Address: 338 Preston St, Ottawa, ON K1S 4M6, Canada

Contact details:  +1 343-984-4486

Operating hours: 

  • Tuesday to Sunday – 5 PM to 10 PM

Cost: $-$$

Ayla’s Social Kitchen offers a mirza ghasemi, which, I can say, is wicked. Smoked eggplant with tomato garlic sauce served with a side of naan, and it’s smokey, it’s garlicky, it’s everything right in the world.

Now, you shouldn’t skip their joojeh—skewered chicken that’s been marinated and grilled to just, like, perfection. And if you want to get a bit adventurous with your drinks, check out their wine and cocktail list.

Pro tip: Street parking is your best bet around here. And listen, this place gets packed, so maybe book ahead, yeah?

Silk Road Restaurant

Media credit: nabyummybaby


Address: 1021 Cyrville Rd, Gloucester, ON K1J 7S3, Canada

Contact details: +1 613-741-7888

Operating hours: 

  • Tuesday to Sunday – 12 PM to 9 PM

Cost: $-$$

Silk Road Restaurant is about a palette explosion with their standout dish, the ghormeh sabzi. This herb stew with kidney beans, sun-dried lime, and tender chunks of beef is like a flavour bomb that went off in your mouth.

You’ve got to shovel in some of their shirin polo too, it’s sweet, it’s nutty, and it’s got orange zest, almonds, and pistachios all mixed in with the rice. Also, don’t forget to order firnee (a homemade creamy pudding) for your dessert.

Pro tip: If you plan on visiting with friends, family, or workmates, they offer three different packages (bronze, gold, and diamond) that’ll give you guys a great deal, so give them a call to ask for that.

Ariana Kabab House Rideau

Media credit: broadcravings


Address: 426 Rideau St, Ottawa, ON K1N 5Z1, Canada

Contact details: +1 613-241-7666

Operating hours: 

  • Monday to Sunday – 12 PM to 11 PM

Cost: $-$$

Ariana Kabab House Rideau is all the rage with their mantu—these are steamed dumplings filled with minced meat and topped with yogurt and veggies. It’s a whole different ball game of deliciousness.

Aside from that, they have Sultani, which is a crowd favourite (one skewer of beef fillet and one skewer of minced beef kabob served with rice). For your drink, you’ve got to hit up their doogh—it’s a minty, creamy soda that’s perfectly paired with their spicy dishes.

Pro tip: They’ve got a loyalty program, so if you’re planning on becoming a regular (and you will be), sign yourself up to score some freebies down the road.

ParsItal (Persian & Italian) Restaurant


Address: 1133 Carp Rd, Stittsville, ON K2S 1B9, Canada

Contact details: +1 613-435-8887

Operating hours: 

  • Monday to Friday – 11:30 AM to 2 PM, 5 PM to 9 PM
  • Saturday and Sunday – 9 AM to 9 PM

Cost: $$

ParsItal is a place that blends the Persian and Italian cuisines (as you can see in the name). First up, you’ve got to dive into their ghormeh sabzi lasagna—a nutty mash-up that got us hooked at first bite!

Their kabab pizza, topped with minced kebab meat and all kinds of toppings, is a fusion win too. And don’t walk out of there without trying the zereshk polo with chicken on one side and maybe a slice of tiramisu on the other, because life is short, and why not?

Pro tip: They offer both cuisines all day, every day. So, you could, like, go Persian for lunch and Italian for dinner. Or flip that—your choice!