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Home Sweet Home: Where to Settle Down in Ottawa

Home Sweet Home Where to Settle Down in Ottawa

Thinking of making Ottawa your new home? Well, first things first, welcome neighbor! 

Making the big move isn’t always easy, especially when you’re still searching for the perfect area. It doesn’t have to be as challenging as it is, especially when you have us! 

Enter this list of the best neighborhoods in Ottawa, guaranteed to make you say ‘home sweet home’! Trust us, picking your new pad might just be as easy as sniffing out the delicious poutine spots in the city. 

1. Westboro


Pricing: $$

Landmarks and Amenities: Westboro Beach, Hampton Park 

Westboro is a dynamic district nestled in the western part of Ottawa. It’s a standout choice for anyone looking for a neighborhood offering an eclectic mix of activities to choose from. 

It’s home to Westboro Beach, for example, a popular spot that opens to the Ottawa River. Other people find it surprising that this natural gem lies in a bustling metropolis!  

There’s also Hampton Park for anyone seeking a relaxing outdoor activity, like walking their dogs. 

Westboro has a thriving culinary scene with many delicious restaurants in the area. Included in our favorites are Gezellig, Pi Co. Pizza Bar, and Mo’s World Famous Newport Restaurant & Donna’s Express. 

For a fun nightcap, you can even grab a drink at Westboro Barley Mow where you might even get to meet a few of our staff members! 

2. Downtown

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Pricing: $$$

Landmarks and Amenities: Parliament Hill, Peace Tower, Bank of Canada Museum, National Arts Centre, The National War Memorial

If you want to be in the middle of all the city’s buzz, there’s no better choice than Downtown Ottawa. 

There are endless adventures waiting for you here, ensuring your stay is never dull. A few of the famous attractions downtown are Parliament Hill, the Bank of Canada Museum, the National Arts Centre, and such. 

Additionally, there are a plethora of restaurants, bars, and cafes to choose from, so the world, or in this case, Downtown Ottawa, is your oyster. 

The neighborhood also has alluring additions of buildings with a Gothic aesthetic, taking its visitors and residents on a short trip to memory lane. 

Moreover, downtown is also home to a lot of shopping opportunities, especially along Elgin Street. 

Overall, Downtown Ottawa is a standout choice if you want convenience, accessibility, and a dynamic urban atmosphere. With that in mind, it’s also worth considering that staying in such a convenient location also comes with a hefty price tag. 

If you have extra to splurge, however, we don’t see why you shouldn’t choose this vibrant area of Ottawa. 

3. Sandy Hill 

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Pricing: $

Landmarks and Amenities: Laurier House National Historic Site, Strathcona Park, Dutchy’s Hole Park, University of Ottawa

Located at the fringe of downtown, Sandy Hill is a more affordable option for those who still want to stay in the city center without the expensive price tag and the busy ambiance. 

Since it’s where the University of Ottawa is located, Sandy Hill also attracts many students who want the convenience of staying near the university, as well as the affordability of the rent in the area. 

Sandy Hill offers an exciting blend of urban allure and natural wonders, making it a coveted spot for those seeking the best of both worlds. 

4. Vanier 

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Pricing: $

Landmarks and Amenities: Riverain Park, St-Laurent Complex

Vanier is an exciting neighborhood in Ottawa located on the east end, away from the hurly-burly of the metropolis. The rent is considerably on a cheaper scale, making it a popular option among people on a tighter budget, most of whom are those in their 20s. 

While the area is a tamer side of Ottawa, there are still a plethora of things to do here, specifically those that make lives convenient for the residents like supermarkets and many eateries. 

Vanier is also renowned because it’s where the Sugar Festival is held, which is a sweet little treat that celebrates and promotes maple syrup. 

5. Hintonburg

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Pricing: $

Landmarks and Amenities: Laroche Park, Hintonburg Park, Remic Rapids Park, Great Canadian Theatre Company

Hintonburg is an up-and-coming Ottawa neighborhood that’s becoming a thriving spot for fashion, culture, food, and art. It doesn’t follow trends; it makes them. 

People who want to immerse themselves in the local art scene will surely love this area. If you like exploring trendy and hip places, we’re willing to bet you’d want to call Hintonburg home. 

And speaking of home, Hintonburg is home to the Great Canadian Theatre Company, serving as an oasis for inspired artists. It also offers a lot of opportunities to do outdoor activities, as there are a number of parks in the area. 

Aside from that, Hintonburg also never runs out of restaurants and stores to discover. Moreover, because of its recent boom and development, it’s considered a generally safe area to live. 

6. Kanata

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Pricing: $$

Landmarks and Amenities: The Marshes Golf Club, Kanata Golf and Country Club, Old Quarry Trail, Deevy Pines Park, Kanata Leisure Centre and Wave Pool, Richcraft Recreation Complex

Kanata is a lovely and serene suburb located in Ottawa’s west end. A huge chunk of it is filled with green spaces, which is why you’d find a lot of parks, trails, and even golf clubs in Kanata. 

With that in mind, the area beckons to anyone seeking to surround themselves in nature, while immersing themselves in a healthier lifestyle. There are also a lot of companies in the area, most of which are major offices. 

Living in Kanata invites employees from the surrounding companies to have a more work-life balance, considering the location also offers plenty of convenient amenities. 

If you decide to make Kanata your home, expect your neighbors to be tech company employees and even civil servants. 

7. Nepean

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Pricing: $$

Landmarks and Amenities: Nepean Sports Complex, Jack Pine Trail, Lime Kiln Trail, Cedarhill Golf and Country Club, Walter Baker Sports Centre, Chapman Mills Conservation Area, Algonquin College, Andrew Haydon Park, Mādahòkì Farm

Another Ottawa neighborhood that boasts green spaces in Nepean, a charming area on the west. It’s never boring, as there are a multitude of things to explore, most of which are in the area of nature and sports. 

Nepean attracts a lot of families looking to settle down in Ottawa. This isn’t only because of its abundance in nature spots, but also because of the wide array of housing choices. 

With that in mind, if you’re looking to make Ottawa a home to you and your family, Nepean might be an ideal choice for its convenience and affordability. 

8. Centretown

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Pricing: $

Amenities: Canadian Museum of Nature, Bronson Centre

Centretown is just what the name entails. It’s in the center of everything, nestled between bustling neighborhoods like Downtown Ottawa, The Glebe, Little Italy, Chinatown, and such. 

Needless to say, you’ll never run out of things to do if you’re staying in Centretown. 

It stands out as a convenient location, attracting different types of residents from students to professionals and government workers. It’s also a sought-after location for those always on the go. 

Compared to its neighbors, Centretown is also more affordable. 

9. Lower Town

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Pricing: $$

Landmarks and Amenities: ByWard Market, Bordeleau Park, MacDonald Gardens Park

Lower Town is another neighborhood with a diverse group of residents because of the exciting mix of experiences the area offers. 

Included in this bustling yet small Ottawa neighborhood is the ByWard Market, which is a renowned destination with a wide array of shops, restaurants, street art, boutiques, and such. You can say that Lower Town is trendy and artsy, but it’s also more than that. 

It also has an old-world charm, creating a unique atmosphere unlike any other. 

10. The Glebe

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Pricing: $$$

Landmarks and Amenities: Lansdowne Park, Canadian Tulip Festival, Commissioners Park, Dow’s Lake

The Glebe is a dreamy neighborhood, offering unique heritage homes that paint the area with a classic charm. As you can already tell, it has a lot of character, which makes it so enticing to live there. 

If you live in The Glebe, you don’t need to go anywhere else because it has restaurants, stores, parks, and events. 

Because of its energetic atmosphere, it attracts a lot of young professionals. The only downside is living in this neighborhood isn’t for those with a tighter budget, as it’s considered one of the most expensive areas to live in Ottawa. 

11. Alta Vista

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Pricing: $$

Landmark and Amenities: Grasshopper Hill Park, Billings Bridge Shopping Centre, Billings Estate National Historic Site, Billings Park

Only one neighborhood away from The Glebe is Alta Vista, a homey area perfect for families looking to settle down in Ottawa. It’s not an ideal location for those who want to be near the city’s buzz. 

It’s a more serene side of the city, with other enticing inclusions of safer streets and large green spaces. It has a suburban feel, offering a peaceful escape from the hustle and bustle of Ottawa. 

12. Orleans


Pricing: $$

Landmark and Amenities: Landmark Cinemas Orleans, Place d’Orleans, Orleans Bowling Centre

Orleans is another suburban area in Ottawa, considered to be serene and comfortable because of its family-oriented community and abundance of green spaces. 

It’s great for those who want a more laid-back lifestyle, along with convenient inclusions of shopping centers and local markets. 

Orleans’ fringe welcomes the Ottawa River, making it a standout location for those who want to take a stroll along scenic waterfront views. 

It has a big French-speaking community, so better brush up on your French! Aside from that, the community is also quite welcoming and friendly, so you’re guaranteed to feel right at home immediately. 

13. Barrhaven 

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Pricing: $

Landmark and Amenities: Strandherd Crossing, Stonebridge Golf Club

If you want to move to Ottawa, you might also want to consider Barrhaven, a neighborhood known for its family-friendly environment, as well as its ample green spaces. In fact, a big part of Barrhaven consists of nature escapes, along with residential areas. 

One can call it a beautiful suburban retreat, being around 20 kilometers away from the heart of the city. 

The neighborhood also boasts multiple shopping centers, a golf club, schools, and other convenient amenities that make the area liveable for families. It’s also an ideal location for single people who don’t want to travel far to get their necessities. 

While there aren’t a lot of things to do in the area, rent is generally more affordable compared to other neighborhoods, making it an ideal choice for those who don’t want to break the bank.