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Escaping the City: Top 10 Camping Sites in Ottawa

Escaping the City Top 10 Camping Sites in Ottawa

Calling all adventurers and nature lovers alike! Are you tired of all the city lights and just want to escape somewhere quiet with your loved ones?

Well, you’re in luck! Ottawa is home to tons of camping sites that will let you enjoy the whole nine—from stargazing to marshmallow roasting and more.

We love the city as much as the next person, but there’s just something about camping in the middle of nature that’s so relaxing—kind of like a restart button if you will. So get your camping gear ready and join us as we take a closer look at Ottawa’s best camping sites!

Wesley Clover Parks Campground 


Address: 411 Corkstown Rd, Ottawa, ON K2K 0J5, Canada

Contact details: +1 613-828-6632

Operating hours: Daily from 8:30 PM to 4:30 PM

Camping in Wesley Clover Parks Campground is a whole experience, as it doesn’t just provide a site where you can pitch tents to spend the night. Instead, it lets its guests engage in various kinds of activities like hiking, biking and even horseback riding!

As far as facilities go, they offer just about everything to keep campers comfortable during their stay without being too much of a glamping site. For instance, they offer electricity, fire pits, picnic tables and well-maintained washrooms.

The site is also perfect for those who don’t want to travel far just to experience camping since it’s only a 20-minute drive away from Downton. It doesn’t feel like it though, as the campground looks like an entirely different landscape, with its stunning views and green pastures.

Pro tips:
If you’re not too big on camping but still want to experience the wilderness, you can book one of their cabins. These rooms are decked out with modern amenities like microwave ovens, beds, mini-fridges and more!

Sharbot Lake Provincial Park


Address: 25467 Hwy 7, Sharbot Lake, ON K0H 2P0, Canada

Contact details: +1 613-335-2814

Operating hours: Daily from 8:00 PM to 10:00 PM

Sharbot Lake Provincial Park is another campsite that’s beloved by Ottawans because of its abundance of activities. This is thanks to the site’s dirt trails, which are just begging to be explored, whether it be on foot or bicycles.

The main highlight of this park, however, is the titular lake. Aside from being pretty, this lake allows campers to engage in water activities like swimming, canoeing, and our personal favourite, fishing!

Speaking of swimming, there’s also a spot where your dogs can splash around and enjoy the same cooling waters as you! This way, no one in the family gets left out.

Pro tip:
If you need to stock up on some supplies, make sure to stop by the local grocery store, Mike DEAN before entering the camping grounds. 

Fitzroy Provincial Park


Address: 5201 Canon Smith Dr, Fitzroy Harbour, ON K0A 1X0, Canada

Contact details: +1 613-623-5159

If you’re looking to cool down during those hot days in Ottawa, then Fitzroy Regional Park should be your next camping destination. This park is famously known for its selection of small but beautiful beaches, where campers can splash around and have lots of fun!

The main beach here is located along the banks of the Ottawa River, which is as picturesque as they come thanks to the lush greenery located across the stream. This kind of scenery makes swimming here extra peaceful—pretty neat!

There’s also a picnic area that’s spacious enough to house multiple campers at once. This is where campers mostly hold and prepare their meals thanks to the well-maintained barbeque facilities that are available for everyone.

Pro tip:
If you want to keep your kids dry but still want to treat them to a fun experience, you can take them to the kid’s playground! Moreover, there’s also a volleyball court for those looking to do something physical while they’re here.

Rideau River Provincial Park


Address: 2680 Donnelly Dr, Kemptville, ON K0G 1J0, Canada

Contact details: +1 613-258-2740

Rideau River Provincial Park is only a 40-minute drive away from Ottawa, and it’s one of the best camping destinations for quick escapades. As you may have gleaned from its name, it’s located by the banks of Rideau River, which is part of the UNESCO Heritage Site.

Ottawans love to come here to cool down during the summer, as the river makes for the perfect swimming pool for people of all ages. This is because it’s accessible to all kinds of heights and it provides every guest with unobstructed views of the surrounding dense forest.

You can also find facilities that are commonly included in regional parks like washrooms, playgrounds, picnic areas and volleyball courts. As for the camping facilities themselves, guests can choose from tents, car camping or cabins.

Pro tip:
If you don’t want to spend your night inside a makeshift tent, you can opt for one of the park’s cabins, which can house you and four other people.

Voyageur Provincial Park


Address: 1313 Front Rd, Chute-à-Blondeau, ON K0B 1B0, Canada

Contact details: +1 613-674-2825

Operating hours: Daily from 8:00 AM to 10:00 PM

Voyageur is one of the best choices for car campers, as it features a massive parking space that can house over 300 vehicles—pretty crazy, right? It’s also among the most scenic campsites in the country thanks to its two amazing beaches, both of which can be accessed by campers.

These two beaches let campers take in some fresh air while enjoying stunning views of the glistening water as well as its surrounding greenery. Furthermore, it opens the door to various activities such as swimming, canoeing and fishing!

You can also opt to fish by the shore instead of in the middle of the water if you’re looking to socialize with other campers while you try to reel in a big catch. 

Pro tip:
Dog owners can bring their furry pals to this park. But if you don’t want to be disturbed during your trip, you can opt to camp in their dog-free and radio-free camping site.

Murphy’s Point Provincial Park


Address: 2243 Elm Grove Rd, Perth, ON K7H 3C7, Canada

Contact details: +1 613-267-5060

Operating hours: Daily from 8:00 AM to 10:00 PM

If you want to escape the city and be surrounded by nature, Murphy’s Point Provincial Park should be on your radar. Even though it’s not that far from the city, it does a great job of surrounding you with wilderness, making it seem like you’re in a remote forest.

It also features different kinds of natural landscapes from wetlands to forests, lakes and even old fields. There’s also a beach that campers can go to only if they can complete the trek leading to it, which is easy enough for people of all ages.

Lastly, another reason why this camp is a must-visit for those looking for an escape is because of its seclusion. This is especially true with its backcountry camping, which can only be accessed via water.

Pro tip:
There are different ways to camp on this site but if you’re coming in groups, we recommend opting for the group camping site, which can house up to 50 people. There’s also a cabin for those campers who prefer to stay indoors overnight.

Algonquin Provincial Park


Address: Ontario 60, Ontario K0J 2M0, Canada

Contact details: +1 705-633-5572

Algonquin Provincial Park is perfect for those looking for more adventure out of their camping experience. This is because the park features various fun activities that will bring out the inner outdoorsman in you.

One of these activities is, of course, backpacking, which you’ll do in the middle of a dense maple forest. This forest will treat you to some of the most beautiful natural views you’ll see in the country as well as points of interest that are worth stopping by like streams and hills.

Speaking of streams, there are various bodies of water across the entire park that will let you canoe your way through their rapids. If you’re looking for something more exciting, you and your friends can try your hands at whitewater rafting!

Pro tip:
If you don’t feel safe staying inside a tent overnight in the middle of nowhere, you can opt to stay in one of the ranger cabins for rent!

Deacon Escarpment Cabins, Camping and Trails Ltd.


Address: 12560 ON-60, Golden Lake, ON K0J 1X0, Canada

Contact details: +1 613-585-0134

For those looking for a more comfortable camping experience, Deacon Cabins is one of the best options to go for. It offers far more accessible camping grounds that feature rooms that have modern amenities—perfect if you’re coming with kids and elders!

However, don’t let this lead you to think that the outdoorsman aspect of camping here is gone, as it’s just as exciting as other camping grounds in the city. This is because each cabin features a private hiking trail that lets guests explore the surrounding wilderness.

Aside from these trails, the campground also features Golden Lake, where guests can canoe and observe the peaceful body of water. You can also jump into the water, as you’ll be provided with life jackets!

Pro tip:
If you’re new to hiking or you just simply want a more guided trekking experience, check out their website before heading outside. They have a map of the different trails you’ll find in the park.

Parc Leslie

Media credit: collin.marine84


Address: 460 Chem. Belmont, Otter Lake, QC J0X 2P0, Canada

Contact details: +1 819-453-7382

Parc Lesli is your quintessential camping ground, complete with over 200 campsites to choose from and over 1,000 acres of land to explore. It also features towering trees, various hiking trails and even a lake—a camping site through and through, indeed!

The aforementioned lake isn’t just a spectacle too, as guests can go kayaking to explore it further or go fishing to catch some of its beautiful marine life. 

Lastly, if you’re not into sleeping in tents, you can opt for one of the cabins in the area. Don’t worry no judgement will be made!

Pro tip:
If you’re looking to save more money, we recommend staying for a week or so! The rates for this kind of stay will be lower, so you’ll get to stay for longer and save money at the same time—win-win!

Chutes Coulonge Park


Address: 1313 Front Rd, Chute-à-Blondeau, ON K0B 1B0, Canada

Contact details: +1 613-674-2825

Chutes Coulonge Park caters to both nature lovers and adventure-seekers. This is because aside from offering a great campsite that’s located in the middle of lush landscapes, it also offers a myriad of thrilling activities!

One of the most in-demand activities here is zip-lining, and it’s not hard to see why! Nothing screams adventure like zooming through a lush landscape while being suspended hundreds of feet in the air.

Pro tip:
If you still want to try your hand at the exciting activities that Chutes Coulonge Park has to offer but don’t want to stay overnight, you can opt for their day pass. It’s cheaper than having to go camping, but the price will depend on how many activities you’re planning to do.