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The 5 Most Reliable Coworking Spaces in Ottawa 

We extensively test and research all services we review. Here's why you can trust us.

Let’s get one thing straight: picking the perfect coworking space is more nerve-wracking than choosing what to watch on Netflix when you’re trying to impress your date. 

And honestly, with the sea of options out there, you’re more likely to be scrolling through reviews than actually, you know, working.

Now, hold up before you roll your eyes and expect me to drone on about another list of places with “high-speed internet” and “free coffee”. I’m here to tell you the crème de la crème of Ottawa’s coworking scene.

These are the places that made us slam our laptops shut in disbelief and say, “Wait, work can actually be this cool?” Yep, not kidding here, so follow along!

How much does a coworking space cost in Ottawa?

In Ottawa, you can expect to pay between $200 and $400 per month for a coworking space, depending on the amenities and location. This rate usually includes a dedicated desk or office space, high-speed internet access, printing services, and access to common areas and conference rooms.

How We Chose the Best

Community and Networking Opportunities – We kept our eyes peeled for spaces that not only had desks and free coffee but also actively fostered a sense of community, where networking happens as naturally as breathing.
Flexibility and Membership Options – We hunted for locations that offer a range of memberships, from hot desks for the nomadic freelancer to private offices for the start-up crew. Bonus points were awarded for spots with no long-term commitments.
Location and Accessibility – We rated higher those spaces that are a hop, skip, and jump away from public transport, good eats, and that essential morning coffee spot.
Amenities and Resources – We looked for spaces decked out with everything from meeting rooms to chill-out zones for when your brain needs a break. Think of kitchens, printing stations, and maybe even a shower for those who bike to work.
Community Feedback – We sifted through reviews and testimonials, keeping an ear to the ground for satisfied sighs and tales of triumph. Spaces that made their members feel more like family than tenants scored top marks.

Impact Hub Ottawa 


Services Offered: Workshop Rooms, Event Space, Private Workspace, Meeting Room, Functional Meeting Space

Address: 123 Slater St. 6th Flr.



Contact Details:  +1 613-680-3506

Business Hours:

  • Monday to Friday – 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM

For a top-notch coworking space in Ottawa, Impact Hub is the spot! What we all really dig about the place is its vibrant community vibe, where you’ll feel like you’re part of something bigger.

We love the variety of workspaces they offer, like cozy corners, buzzing open tables for groups, or even events like workshops; they’ve got you covered with those. 

We were even more impressed by their commitment to sustainability—like, they’ve got initiatives that really make you feel good about where you’re spending your working hours.

Plus, the networking possibilities here are spot-on; we’ve seen firsthand how connections flourish there. 

Now, on the flip side, we’re just a touch iffy about the noise levels sometimes. It can get a bit lively, which is great for vibes but not the best if you need monk-like silence. 

But hey, most of us think the perks far outweigh these minor gripes, and we will surely come back because of the whole package: location, community, and the sheer buzz of productivity.


  • Vibrant community
  • Workspace variety
  • Sustainability initiatives
  • Networking opportunities
  • Prime location


  • Distracting noise levels at times

Vibrant community, ideal location, unforgettable experience

“A beautiful office space right downtown near the metro station and bus routes. The community inside is fantastic but more so the people who run it! I was a member for 8 months and will truly miss the atmosphere and energy every one brings! Amazing space.

– Yazmin Machuca, Google Review

Bright, spacious and collaborative atmosphere

“Beautiful downtown space, well-lit, roomy and comfortable.  Coffees and bridghead teas. Multiple areas to sit quietly or collaborate.

– Laura C., Google Review

Collab Space 


Services Offered: Private and Coworking Space, Event Space, Meeting Rooms, Classrooms (for Workshops and Seminars), Virtual Office

Address: 70 Bongard Ave. Nepean



Contact Details: +1 613-319-2025

Business Hours:

  • Monday – 9 AM to 5 PM
  • Tuesday to Friday – 8 AM to 6 PM
  • Saturday – 9 AM to 2 PM

Collab Space in Nepean is the place if you’re looking for a buzzing coworking hub in Ottawa. Seriously, what we like most about the place is how it really fosters a sense of entrepreneurship and collaboration.

We were happy to see all the different types of areas they have for getting your work done, whether you’re someone who thrives in open, active spaces or needs a quiet corner to hammer out a project.

We were even surprised with their mentorship program—like, they actually help connect newer entrepreneurs with seasoned pros. That kind of support is solid gold when you’re trying to make your way in the business world.

Now, just to keep it real, we’ve noticed not everyone’s thrilled with the location—getting there can be a bit of a trek if you’re not in Nepean. And it gets a bit packed at peak hours, which can be a vibe or a vice, depending on your style.

But really, most of us think it’s a great spot, despite these quirks. We keep getting drawn back by the opportunity to rub shoulders with tons of driven people here, not forgetting their on-site eatery and 24/7 coffee and vending machine.

If you ever need to kick your motivation into high gear, this place will do the trick!


  • Fosters entrepreneurship
  • Various work areas
  • Mentorship program
  • Energetic atmosphere


  • Location accessibility
  • Crowded at peak times

Warm hospitality, impeccable space

“While visiting Ottawa for a family trip, we were welcomed to Collab Space. Amazing hospitality and space!”

– Rob Palumbo, Google Review

Spacious, Diverse and Utterly Welcoming

“I was lucky enough to visit Collab Space a few weeks ago and I have one word: WOW! The atmosphere is welcoming, the area is open and spacious. There is something for everyone from comfy couches, to working desk areas, to a patio deck, a restaurant on-site, and the list goes on. This space is perfect for anyone who wants to get out of their dining room home office/sweat pants and just COLLAB!”

– Sarab Dormani, Google Review

MBO Coworking 


Services Offered: Private Office, Meeting Rooms, Virtual Office

Address: 78 George St #204



Contact Details: +1 613-680-6805

Business Hours:

  • Monday to Friday – 8 AM to 6 PM

We popped over to MBO Coworking last week, and let me tell you, we were pretty stoked with the vibe. The workspace is cozy yet spacious enough not to feel crowded, which a lot of us really appreciated.

Plus, they’ve got all these neat little breakout areas, which are perfect for when you need a quick breather or a change of scene. What even catches our attention is the tech setup there.

High-speed internet that doesn’t lag and plenty of power outlets, which are like gold, right? Seriously, they’ve thought of everything to keep a tech-savvy crowd productive.

However, what we just don’t like is the noise levels; sometimes it gets a tad bustling, especially during peak hours. And another thing: parking can be a bit of a hassle. That’s why most of us reckon that if you’re commuting by car, it might test your patience a bit.

What’s keeping us quite happy, though, is their flexible membership plans. Whether you’re a night owl or an early bird, they’ve got options that fit different schedules.

Also, their community manager is a gem, always on hand to help out. So yeah, despite the minor niggles, definitely worth considering!


  • Cozy yet spacious
  • Breakout areas
  • Strong tech setup
  • High-speed, reliable internet
  • Ample power outlets
  • Flexible membership plans


  • Can get noisy
  • Parking challenges

Productive oasis with exceptional service

I was so relieved to find Eric and MBO Coworking!  I was in Ottawa for a conference, had already checked out of my hotel, and I needed a quiet meeting space for the afternoon.  Access to the space was easy, the room was well-lit and comfortable, and I could actually relax and focus on my call.  So much better than trying to work from a crowded and loud coffee shop.  And Eric gave me a local lunch recommendation that was absolutely heavenly!  I’ll definitely be back when I’m Ottawa.  Thanks, Eric!”

– Melissa Tesche, Google Review

Charming, energizing space with superb host

“What a beautiful, quiet and inspiring space. We were rendered both comfortable, and energized by the exposed brick, beautiful view of Byward market and high ceilings. The room was well equipped for our annual planning session and Eric is a fantastic host.”

– Ali Rahman, Google Review

WorkAway Offices 


Services Offered: Private Conference Rooms, Meeting Rooms, Event Space

Address: 1505 Laperriere Ave.



Contact Details: +1 613-319-3575

Business Hours:

  • Monday to Friday – 9 AM to 5 PM

First things first, WorkAway Offices has style, but it’s all business too. What we liked most was their ultra-modern design, which just sets the right tone for grinding out work hours.

We were happy with their facilities, too, because they’ve got these super comfy ergonomic chairs that you can sink into for hours without feeling like you’ve been sitting at all. 

Plenty of natural light comes in too, which makes a huge difference on those long work days. And let’s talk coffee—unlimited and surprisingly good! However, if you’re someone who thrives in ultra-quiet environments, you might find it a tad lively. 

We did just have a second thought about the communal areas that can buzz with chatter. Plus, you’ll want to get in early if you want the best spots; they’re a hit and become scarce as the day rolls on. 

What made us really hooked, though, is their top-notch conference facilities, which are perfect for when you need to impress a client or collaborate with your team. And despite the minor hiccups, the pros far outweigh the challenges here.


  • Stylish, modern design
  • Comfortable ergonomic chairs
  • Abundant natural light
  • Free, quality coffee
  • Excellent conference facilities


  • Can be quite lively/noisy
  • Popular areas fill up quickly

Innovative, friendly workspace with stellar amenities

“Vince , Stephanie and Dan have created an amazingly friendly and  flexible work environment with collegiality and coffee better than any other office or coffee shop you could find.    If you are looking for unfailing high speed wi-fi, a variety of work space rental options and full office admin support drop by one of the Workaway offices and see for your self how this office environment is the future for small and medium sized businesses, professionals and entrepreneurs.”

– David Jewitt, Google Review

Clean, communal and professional

“WorkAway Offices exceeded our expectations with their services. The kitchen area is clean, and the beautiful communal space has provided us with a welcoming and comfortable environment. The location is fantastic, fostering valuable interactions with other small business owners. We couldn’t be happier with our experience and we highly recommend it to anyone seeking a professional workspace.”

– Jake A., Google Review



Services Offered: Coworking Space, Meeting Rooms, Event Space

Address: 499 Preston St.



Contact Details: +1 343-542-7777

Business Hours:

  • Monday to Friday – 9 AM to 5 PM

You’ve got to hear about Collabüro because it’s turning out to be a favorite for a lot of us. We were super stoked about the vibe there—it’s like this perfect blend of chill and professionalism, you know?

What we like most is definitely the flexibility; they’ve got hot desks, dedicated desks, and even private offices. It’s all about choice here.

We were happy with the networking opportunities too, because it was really easy to bump into someone and start a conversation that could lead to your next big thing. 

Plus, the amenities here are quite top-notch. There’s great coffee all day, and those little breakout areas for when you need a breather. 

We were even more impressed by how spotless the place is. It’s like they’ve got a cleaning ninja or something. 

If we’re being real, though, the downtown traffic can be a pain if you’re driving. And the parking situation adds to that too, since it’s a hit-or-miss sometimes.

Most of us think it’s a small price to pay for a spot that boosts your productivity like crazy, though. What’s added to our positive thoughts is the place’s proximity to great restaurants and transit—it makes the hustle a bit sweeter, yeah?


  • Tons of workspace options
  • Fantastic community and networking
  • Cleanliness is off the charts
  • Proximity to eats and transit


  • Downtown traffic juggle
  • Parking’s a bit of a lottery

Professional, Responsive, and Accommodating Service

“Although we ended up not going with Collabüro for our traditional wedding, their service was nothing but incredibly professional! They responded promptly to our multiple questions, were very flexible with visit schedules, and were even courteous enough to send us multiple videos with different room arrangements to help us make an informed decision. We will definitely reach out to them again for future events! Special thanks to Hazel.”

– Elie Ndala, Google Review

Highly productive space with great amenities and location

“One of the most productive works days I have ever had. Mo was super friendly, the space was huge with lots of amenities. Location couldn’t be better.”

– Daniel Farid, Google Review