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The 10 Best Turkish Restaurants in Ottawa

The 10 Best Turkish Restaurants in Ottawa

We’re always thankful that Ottawa is home to some seriously good Turkish eateries to get meze, kebabs, or that flaky baklava goodness. We’re talking about places where the aromas are so great, you’ll start salivating before you even get inside.

So, grab your forks (or let’s be authentic—get ready to get your hands dirty) and join us as we dish out Ottawa’s best Turkish restaurants! These are the spots where the Turkish coffee is as strong as your food game needs to be, so keep reading!

Iskender Kebab House Turkish Cuisine


Address: 1750 Innes Rd, Gloucester, ON K1B 3K5, Canada

Contact details: +1 613-321-1700

Operating hours: 

  • Monday to Sunday – 11 AM to 9 PM

Cost: $-$$

Iskender Kebab House Turkish Cuisine’s beautifully designed establishment is just as authentic as its menu. But let’s chat about the star of the show – their Iskender kebab!

You can order it to appreciate the tender slices of lamb lying atop a bed of pita, all covered with tomato sauce and a dollop of yogurt. But don’t skip the starters; the mezze platter is a journey through textures and flavours that you won’t want to miss.

Pro tip: If you’re planning to have dinner here on a weekend, make a reservation since this place fills up fast. And for those who love a good deal, they often have weekday lunch specials.

Turkish Kebab House


Address: 471 Terry Fox Dr Unit 120, Kanata, ON K2T 0A3, Canada

Contact details: +1 613-271-0000

Operating hours: 

  • Tuesday to Sunday – 12 PM to 9:30 PM

Cost: $$

Turkish Kebab House is your no-frills destination for some serious kebab feasting. Think of it as your Turkish culinary pit stop—quick, delicious, and utterly satisfying.

And while kebabs might be their name, their sides deserve a standing ovation. From their homemade lavash bread straight out of the oven to their mouthwatering rice, it’s clear: these folks aren’t playing around.

Pro tip: Their baklava is almost always sold out by the evening, so if you’re a sweets enthusiast, come early. Additionally, they offer a fantastic takeout discount if you pick up your order, making those lazy movie nights even better.

Tava Kitchen


Address: 7B Kakulu Rd, Kanata, ON K2L 2L4, Canada

Contact details: +1 613-435-7888

Operating hours: 

  • Wednesday to Saturday – 11 AM to 7 PM
  • Sunday – 12 PM to 6 PM

Cost: $-$$

Tava Kitchen has been dishing out some serious culinary delights that are about as authentic as you can get without hopping on a plane to Istanbul. The menu has everything from succulent kebabs to mouth-watering mezze. 

Their doner kebab, a perfectly seasoned meat that’s both juicy and crispy, and Tava Special, a sizzling platter of mixed meats and veggies, are both a must-try. You shouldn’t also forget to try their baklava and Turkish coffee.

Pro tip: They’ve got a surprisingly extensive list of Turkish wines and beers, so don’t forget to ask your server for pairing recommendations to elevate your meal.

Pita Bell Kabab 


Address: 1696 Carling Ave, Ottawa, ON K2A 1C6, Canada

Contact details: +1 613-686-1740

Operating hours: 

  • Monday and Tuesday, Thursday to Sunday – 12 PM to 9:30 PM

Cost: $$

Pita Bell Kebab is that unassuming spot that could easily be overlooked if you’re not in the know. But we’re telling you, missing out on this place would be a culinary crime.

Every pita wrap here is a masterpiece of flavours and textures! They’re generous with fillings—think succulent meats, crisp veggies, and sauces that tie everything together magically.

Pro tip: Their lunch specials are unbeatable in terms of value. And, if you’re coming by car, aim for off-peak hours to find parking easily since it can get a bit tight around lunchtime.

Little Turkish Village 


Address:  2095 St Joseph Blvd, Orléans, ON K1C 1C5, Canada

Contact details: +1 613-824-5557

Operating hours: 

  • Tuesday to Friday – 11:30 AM to 9 PM
  • Saturday and Sunday – 4 PM to 9 PM

Cost: $$

Little Turkish Village has the heart and soul, plus a menu that’ll make any Turkish grandmother proud. Dining here is like being invited into a Turkish home; the staff is friendly and the food is brimming with homemade goodness.

Their mixed grill offers a little bit of everything, perfect for sharing or indulging by yourself if you’ve got a hearty appetite. And the baklava is coated with honey, full of nuts, and flaky—it’s the perfect cap to your meal. 

Pro tip: This place is a great spot for celebrations; just make sure to book ahead and mention if it’s a special one; they love going the extra mile. Plus, keep an eye out for their live music nights if that’s your jam.

Kumpir House Ottawa


Address: 1666 Bank St, Ottawa, ON K1V 7Y6, Canada

Contact details: +1 819-319-9552

Operating hours: 

  • Sunday to Wednesday – 11 AM to 10:30 PM
  • Thursday to Saturday – 11 AM to 2 AM

Cost: $-$$

Kumpir House Ottawa is a slice of Istanbul packed into a vibrant spot in our very own city. This place is all about kumpir, a giant, buttery, baked potato stuffed with your choice of tempting toppings.

Their offerings are ample and diverse—from indulgent cheesy options and deli-inspired fillings to lighter, fresher veggie alternatives. Now, to wash it all down, you can either choose their ayran or sahlep both perfect as a pair of kumpir.

Pro tip: The portions here are huge, so arrive hungry or be prepared to share. They have a few parking spots at the front, but give yourself some extra time to park because this place always draws a crowd.

Les Grillades


Address:  111 Colonnade Rd, Nepean, ON K2E 7M3, Canada

Contact details: +1 613-723-3224

Operating hours: 

  • Tuesday to Friday – 11 AM to 9:30 PM
  • Saturday – 10:30 AM to 9:30 PM
  • Sunday – 10 AM to 8:30 PM

Cost: $-$$

Les Grillades practically screams “cosy and comfortable” with an authentic patina that speaks of decades of serving up mind-blowingly delicious meals. The open grill in their dining area brings an exciting culinary theatre to your meal experience.

The stars of the show are the mixed grills—generous plates of flavorful chicken, beef, and lamb, paired with the fluffiest rice and tastiest hummus around town. You really shouldn’t miss out on the kebab here!

Pro tip: Remember to check out their weekday specials, and you might just be surprised by what’s on offer. Plus, the place has its private parking lot, greatly reducing your “finding a spot” struggles.

German Doner Kebab


Address: 272 Elgin St, Ottawa, ON K2P 1M2, Canada

Contact details: +1 613-235-6688

Operating hours: 

  • Sunday to Thursday – 11 AM to 11 PM
  • Friday and Saturday – 11 AM to 1 AM

Cost: $$-$$$

German Doner Kebab is a fantastic Turkish-German fusion joint that marries the best of two cuisine worlds to give birth to something drool-worthy. 

The star attraction here is, of course, the Doner Kebab, which has juicy meats, and crisp veggies all wrapped up in soft bread. It’s the kind of food that’s quite messy to eat, but it’s all worth it! 

Plus, the space shouts “modern and cool,” just the right setup for some Instagram-worthy food shots.

Pro tip: They offer some bomb combo deals that are perfect when you’re grabbing a quick bite with friends. Plus, there’s ample unmetered street parking nearby, so no worries about adding coins to a meter.

Old Turkish Kabab


Address:  6179 Perth St unit 40, Ottawa, ON K0A 2Z0, Canada

Contact details: +1 613-838-3388

Operating hours: 

  • Monday, Wednesday to Sunday – 11 AM to 10 PM 

Cost: $$

If you believe in the concept of “old is gold,” you’re in for a treat at Old Turkish Kabab. As you walk in, you’re beckoned by the nostalgic aroma of charcoal-grilled skewers, making you feel like you’ve been teleported into a bustling Turkish bazaar.

Get all brave and adventurous, and try their Iskender kebab, which consists of thinly sliced lamb inside a crispy pita. It’s even covered in a lush tomato sauce and lavished with browned butter—truly glorious!

Pro tip: This place is small and intimate, so making a reservation at peak times is highly recommended. Also, they offer discounts for takeout orders—a perfect excuse to enjoy a cozy night in with some authentic Turkish food.

Idriss Mediterranean


Address: 319 St. Laurent Blvd, Ottawa, ON K1K 2Z5, Canada

Contact details: +1 613-421-4008

Operating hours: 

  • Wednesday to Saturday – 11 AM to 8:30 PM
  • Sunday – 11 AM to 8 PM

Cost: $$

Idriss Mediterranean churns out some of the best Mediterranean and Turkish dishes you’d find in Ottawa. The menu here is broad and caters to every taste, making it perfect for group dining! 

They offer a wide array of side dishes, like their mhajeb, and bourak with three choices of fillings (chicken, ground beef, or veggies), onion rings, and fries. We’re also big fans of their meaty goodness, like the succulent kebabs and juicy lamb chops.

Pro tip: Weekends can get incredibly busy here, so ensure you have a reservation. Also, don’t overlook their daily specials—they are fantastic both in taste and value.