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Hits and Nostalgia: Ottawa’s Best Radio Stations to Tune Into

Hits and Nostalgia Ottawa’s Best Radio Stations to Tune Into

Ever find yourself delaying your task because you can’t seem to find the perfect playlist? 

Instead of putting off your to-do list, how about exploring the world of radio stations in Ottawa? You might rekindle your love for an old favorite or stumble upon new ones to listen to. 

Below, we’ve rounded up the top radio stations in Ottawa that will help you say goodbye to monotony and hello to productivity! 

1. Boom 99.7


Frequency: 99.7

Ever find yourself on a boring road trip with no exciting tunes to listen to? Change the channel to Boom 99.7 and you might just find yourself belting out the classics, or dancing to them if that’s what you’re into.  

This radio station plays all the iconic tunes from different eras, ensuring you a lively journey ahead.  

2. COUNTRY 101.1 


Frequency: 101.1

For country music fans, Country 101.1 stands out as an obvious choice. We mean – the name says it all! 

This radio station plays soulful tunes from the classics down to the fresh faces in the scene. You’ll find yourself tapping your feet to the music, while imagining yourself wearing your best cowboy hat, even if you’re in a minivan. 

3. CHEZ 106


Frequency: 106.1

CHEZ 106 is one of the popular radio stations in Ottawa, especially among those who love mainstream rock music. 

They play a lot of headbanging tunes that will remind you of a time in your life when you sported a side bang and raccoon-like eyeliner. If you had this phase, we’re sure this is the radio station for you. 

4. Hot 89.9


Frequency: 89.9 MHz (FM)

Is the most recent playlist you listened to on Spotify the one called Viral Hits? Chances are, you’d love listening to Hot 89.9 for all the latest chart-topping hits.

These tunes will have you imagining yourself as the world’s rising pop star princess while singing along to Sabrina Carpenter’s tunes. Or fancy yourself voguing while listening to Ariana Grande’s ‘yes, and?’. 

Of course, don’t forget to consider if your car’s tinted or not…

5. Live 88 


Frequency: 88.5 MHz (FM)

Tune in to 88.5 FM for a playlist that will have you headbanging and singing at the top of your lungs. This radio station evokes a sense of nostalgia by playing everyone’s favorite rock songs from the likes of My Chemical Romance and Green Day! 

These are the songs you can sing along to from knowing them like the back of your hand because how can anyone forget the lyrics to Helena?