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Top 10 Dermatologists in Ottawa

Top 10 Dermatologists in Ottawa
We extensively test and research all services we review. Here's why you can trust us.

Our skin, making up about 16% of our body weight, is our frontline defender against UV rays and harmful microorganisms. It also faces daily challenges, from environmental stressors to aging, so it definitely deserves a little TLC.

That’s where Ottawa’s best dermatologists come in. From battling acne and other conditions to advocating for sun protection, these experts will help nurture your skin. 

Just as it protects us, let’s also give our skin the protection and care it deserves. 

How much do dermatologists cost in Ottawa?

An initial consultation with a dermatologist in Ottawa is typically free, but it may also range from $50-$100. Botox sessions are around $250-$280, CoolSculpting averages $500-$600 per session, and injectables range from $80-$100.

Factors like clinic reputation, experience, skin product brands, and tools used can influence the final price.

How We Chose the Best Dermatologists in Ottawa

Expertise: We identified the best dermatologists in Ottawa by evaluating their extensive knowledge and skills, ensuring they excel in addressing various skin concerns.
Reputation: Our list comprises dermatologists with a stellar reputation, recognized for their excellence in patient care, positive outcomes, and contributions to the field.
Credentials: We considered dermatologists with top-notch credentials, including relevant degrees, certifications, and affiliations with reputable medical associations.
Patient Reviews: The best dermatologists in Ottawa have garnered positive reviews from patients, highlighting their effectiveness, empathy, and overall patient satisfaction.
Innovative Treatments: We focused on dermatologists who stay abreast of the latest advancements, offering innovative treatments backed by science for optimal results.
Personalized Care: Our selection prioritizes dermatologists who provide personalized care, tailoring treatments to each patient’s unique skin needs and concerns.
Facility Quality: We evaluated the quality of their facilities, ensuring they meet high standards for cleanliness, technology, and patient comfort.
Accessibility: The best dermatologists in Ottawa are easily accessible, considering factors such as location, appointment availability, and efficient scheduling processes.
Continuing Education: Our list includes dermatologists dedicated to continuous learning, and actively participating in ongoing education and training.

1.  Ottawa Derm Centre

Business Address: 460 W Hunt Club Rd Unit 105-A, Ottawa, ON K2E 0B8


Instagram: Ottawa Derm Centre (@ottawadermcentre)

Phone Number: (613) 369-8369

Business Hours: Monday: 8 AM – 5 PM

Ottawa Derm Centre, established in 2019, has swiftly become a go-to dermatology clinic in Ottawa. They specialize in laser dermatology, plastic surgery, and injectables.

Medical Director Dr. Jennifer MacIsaac holds double board certification from the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons and the American Board of Dermatology. She also has numerous journal publications and is an educator at the University of Ottawa.

The clinic is highly sought after for its Botox injections, available from either dermatologists or nurse injectors. 

Plus, their non-surgical skin lifting and tightening options, such as Ultherapy and Thermage treatments, cater to the client’s specific zones and face-neck areas.

Ottawa Derm Centre offers specialized skin care programs, notably the Acne Treatment System and the Signature Program, addressing diverse skin needs. 

Additionally, services encompass various skin laser treatments, hair and tattoo laser removal, along with reconstructive plastic surgery.


  • 5 years of experience
  • Holds double board certification
  • Botox via dermatologist or nurse injectors
  • Non-surgical skin lifting and tightening
  • Skin care programs
  • Laser treatments and plastic surgery


  • Reports of abrupt cancellations

Thank you Dr MacIsaac

“I arrived to find a rather long line up, shortly after those with appointments were separated from walk in patients. The whole team was very pleasant and extremely organized. I saw a doctor, and had a quick examination. She answered my questions, and made recommendations for treatment. Thank you Dr MacIsaac.”

-Eleanor Groot Koerkamp, Google Review

Very nice and was thorough in her examination

“I visited the Ottawa Derm Centre for a Skin Cancer Screening Clinic. I was seen by Dr. MacIsaac, who is very nice and was thorough in her examination. The nurses and staff were so friendly and welcoming. They worked quickly and efficiently. The office is beautiful and very clean. I had a lovely experience and will definitely return to ODC in the future.”

-Sydney M, Google Review

2. SKINS Derma Care

Business Address: 7-3712 Innes Rd, Ottawa, ON K1W 0C8


Instagram: SKINS Derma Care (@skinsdermacare)

Phone Number: (613) 854-3376

Business Hours: Monday: 9 AM – 9 PM

        Friday: 10 AM – 6 PM

        Saturday: 9 AM – 5 PM

SKINS Derma Care is led by owner and operator Julie D’Amato. Known as “Laser Julie,” she is a trained and certified laser technician, bringing her vision to life by assembling a top-notch team.

Her clinic’s lead dermatologist, Dr. Amber Gibbons, graduated from the University of Montreal. Proficient in French and English, Dr. Gibbons specializes in aesthetic medicine, holding certifications in Botox, Dysport, dermal fillers, and PRP therapy.

They offer free consultations, providing clients with personalized recommendations. 

For facial rejuvenation, their OxyGeneo 3-In-1 Super Facial is quite popular. It combines three treatments: microdermabrasion, facial rejuvenation, and nutrient infusion.

They also have VascuLyse skin treatments, addressing skin irregularities with safe and non-invasive solutions. 

Their other skin services include microdermabrasion, SkinPen, Latisse, electrolysis, and facials and peels.

Recognizing the financial aspect, SKINS Derma Care offers easy financing and billing options through Medicard.


  • Owner is a certified laser technician
  • Lead dermatologist speaks French and English
  • Offers free consultations
  • OxyGeneo 3-In-1 Super Facial
  • VascuLyse skin treatments
  • Financing and billing through Medicard


  • Reports of rude technicians

Skins Derma care has been my go-to for years

“Skins Derma care has been my go-to for years. The atmosphere, the energy, the treatments everything and everyone there just makes your time there so enjoyable. If you’ve never been, I urge you to try. I promise you will not regret it. Julie the owner is so hospitable and knowledgeable of the industry and answers every question with such genuine care. Please do yourself a favour and visit her and this business.”

-Laura Eslaquit, Google Review

Found an excellent Dr. like Dr. Gibbons to do all of my injections

“I had my first appointment yesterday for a consultation and have done filler injections for the first time with Dr. Amber Gibbons. What a wonderful experience! Upon my arrival, Dr. Gibbons greeted me with a smile and professionalism! She was very attentive, polite and took the time to explain and answer all of my questions and concerns! Furthermore, Dr. Gibbons was so delicate and made me feel so comfortable while injecting the filler. You absolutely don’t feel rushed at all! I might say that I was quite nervous being my first time ever, but I felt no pain or discomfort at all! I’m so so happy that I found an excellent Dr. like Dr. Gibbons to do all of my injections, micro needling, etc…. I would highly recommend Dr. Amber Gibbons to everyone and highly recommend Skins Derma Care for all kinds of treatments! Everyone at Skins Derma Care gives excellent customer service (5*plus)! Again, Dr. Gibbons, thank you very much for your excellent service! I’m so so happy that I found you and so so happy of my results! Looking forward in seeing you again soon! Christine Diotte :))”

-Christian Diotte, Google Review

3. Dermalogic

Business Address: Greenbank Hunt Club, 250b Greenbank Rd Ste 225, Nepean, ON K2H 8X4


Instagram: Dermalogic (@dermalogicottawa)

Phone Number: (613) 726-1965

Business Hours: Mon – Fri: 9 AM – 5 PM

Dermalogic follows the European tradition of scientific advancements in skin care. Their lead aesthetician is Bernadett Ber-Syniow, who has twelve years of cosmetic dermatology experience.

During your initial one-hour consultation, Dermalogic conducts a thorough review of your medical history and skin analysis to tailor treatments to your skin type.

Conditions treated include rosacea, hyperpigmentation, skin laxity, venous lake, wrinkles, sun damage, angioma, and acne scars. 

In terms of treatments, Dermalogic offers ‘Skin Boosters,’ replenishing hyaluronic acid for smoother, softer skin, reducing fine lines. 

They also have cryotherapy, which efficiently treats benign lesions like actinic keratosis and warts through controlled cold application.

Furthermore, their milia extraction removes bumps using sterile tools, preventing recurrence with preventive measures. 

Dermalogic’s array of services includes fillers, microneedling, laser treatments, Botox, and dermal fillers, ensuring a comprehensive approach to skincare.


  • 12 years of experience
  • Initial one-hour consultation
  • Treats various conditions
  • Offers Skin Boosters and cryotherapy
  • Milia extraction
  • Fillers, microneedling, and laser treatments


  • Does not accept AMEX, cheques, or cash 

Have been a client of Bernadette for over 10+ years 

“Have been a client of Bernadette for over 10+ years and have always received prompt, professional and excellent one-on-one care when I visit. She is knowledgable and always up to date on new procedures. Located in an easily accessible location off Greenbank Road, her office offers a very calming peaceful experience everytime.

Would not hesitate to recommend Dermalogic to new clients.”

-PJ Ottawa, Google Review

Bernadette is extremely professional and passionate

“Bernadette is extremely professional and passionate. She takes her time to listen and create a plan that’s best suited for the needs of the client. The space is clean, well organized and peaceful. I’m so happy I found you after we met years ago. A lovely person from the inside out.”

-Christie Flynn, Google Review

4. Concept Medical

Business Address: 1272 Wellington St. W, Ottawa, ON K1Y 3A7


Instagram: Concept Medical (@conceptmedicalottawa)

Phone Number: (613) 829-1266

Business Hours: Mon – Fri: 9 AM – 5 PM

Concept Medical’s Director, Dr. Samuel Hetz, is a leader in cosmetic injectables, backed by his extensive experience. Dr. Hetz’s accolades include serving on the CAAM Board of Directors and being named one of Ottawa’s Forty Under 40.

Additionally, recognized with the Consumer Choice Award in 2021 and 2022, Concept Medical’s cosmetic injectable consultations and treatments are conducted by physicians only. As such, they specialize in Botox, as well as derma and soft tissue fillers.

Their diverse offerings also include hydrafacial, a rejuvenating treatment that cleanses, exfoliates, extracts, and hydrates for a refreshed complexion. 

Photorejuvenation with IPL is also offered, which addresses aging and sun damage, unveiling a more youthful look. 

Another bestseller is their ‘SkinCeuticals Facials,’ providing targeted treatments for a revitalized, healthy, and radiant glow. 


  • Experienced and widely recognized Medical Director
  • Clinic received Consumer Choice Awards in 2021 and 2022
  • Specializes in cosmetic injectables
  • Offers Hydrafacials
  • Photorejuvenation with IPL
  • SkinCeuticals Facials


  • Pricey

Dr. Hetz is beyond amazing

“If I could give 1000 stars I would! The entire team is so friendly and professional! Dr. Hetz is beyond amazing, SO KNOWLEDGEABLE! He makes sure you are always comfortable. This was my first time with cosmetic injectables and he did an amazing job!”

-Melanie Dorey, Google Review

Dr. Hetz, who leads this ship, is unparalleled

“I have been a client at Concept Medical for over 3 years and I cannot say enough great things about this clinic. The entire team at this clinic is incredible, starting with Candace who is so experienced, so gentle and so knowledgeable. Dr. Hetz, who leads this ship, is unparalleled: a kind, calm, professional and talented physician. I trust him entirely to help me make the best decisions for my skin care and my aesthetic needs.”

-Setareh Ziai, Google Review

5. Project Skin MD

Business Address: 349 St. Laurent Blvd, Ottawa, ON K1K 2Z7


Instagram: Project Skin MD (@projectskinmd)

Phone Number: (613) 745-7546

Business Hours: Mon – Fri: 9 AM – 5 PM

Project Skin MD is a cosmetic clinic that has been a Top Choice Awardee for seven consecutive years. 

It’s led by dermatologist Dr. Alain Michon, a faculty member, consultant, and instructor with Allergan Aesthetics Canada. Additionally, he acts as a consultant for Galderma Canada, SkinCeuticals Canada, and L’Oréal Paris.

His clinic offers professional skincare consultations and tailored programs using SkinCeuticals products.

Their PS Ottawa Glow Room ensures a pampering experience. Their treatments include medical-grade facials, microneedling, and dermal infusion microdermabrasion.

Speaking of treatments, they offer Advanced Fluorescence Technology (AFT), a non-invasive solution for active acne lesions. 

Pixel Skin Resurfacing is also available, a fractional laser treatment, which addresses sun spots, scars, and aging signs and revitalizes skin tone and texture. 

Another laser treatment is ‘Clear + Brilliant.’ This treatment gradually refreshes your skin, addressing initial signs of aging and sun damage.


  • Top Choice Awardee for seven years
  • Dermatologist is a consultant for prestigious groups
  • Skincare consultations and tailored programs
  • Advanced Fluorescence Technology
  • Pixel Skin Resurfacing
  • Clear + Brilliant treatment


  • Performs procedures different from the one requested

I wouldn’t trust anyone else with my face

“Great clinic and staff. I’ve been going to Dr. Michon for years and I wouldn’t trust anyone else with my face. He’s knowledgeable and takes time to understand your needs and concerns. Bonus, he’s fun and has a great sense of humour!”

-Honorata Zurakowski, Google Review

Dr. Michon is truly a magician

“Yesterday saw Dr. Michon, he is truly a magician, my results are amazing. He is very knowledgeable and I immediately felt at ease and comfortable. Saw Dr. Michon twice in the past, and again left feeling refresh and amazing. Ladies please go meet Dr. Michon you will not be disappointed.”

-Sylvie Roy, Google Review

6. Victoria Park Medispa

Business Address: 1600 Carling Ave Suite 650, Ottawa, ON K1Z 1G3


Instagram: Victoria Park Medispa (@victoriaparkmedispa)

Phone Number: (613) 722-4436

Business Hours: Mon – Fri: 8 AM – 4 PM

With a legacy spanning over 30 years, Victoria Park Medispa is a hub for medical, cosmetic, and laser dermatology. They were actually recognized as the Top Medispa in Canada by the Canadian Spa & Wellness Awards.

Victoria Park’s Medical Director, Dr. Chris Sibley, is a prominent dermatologist. In fact, he earned a national Gold Medal for microbiome research and numerous published articles in high-impact journals.

His clinic specializes in aesthetic injectables, with the Sculptra treatment as the most popular. Acting as a collagen stimulator, it taps into the body’s natural processes for rejuvenation.

Addressing pigmentation concerns is their Forever Young BBL. Clinical studies reveal that regular Forever Young BBL treatments make patients appear a decade younger than their age.

For skin rejuvenation, their Bela MD microdermabrasion treatment offers a serum-infused experience.

Victoria Park Medispa also addresses various skin concerns like acne, redness, body contouring, sexual health, and hair treatments. 


  • Over 30 years of experience
  • Canadian Spa & Wellness Awardee
  • Medical Director earned a national Gold Medal
  • Specializes in aesthetic injectables
  • Forever Young BBL
  • Bela MD microdermabrasion


  • Reports of feeling rushed

Dr. Chris Sibley is simply the best doctor I’ve ever had

“I cannot say enough good things about Victoria Park Medispa Ottawa! From the moment you walk in the door you are treated like their number one priority. Not only that, but they are exceptionally punctual – no waiting around for your appointment – you are taken on time, and seen right away. What a gift that is now a days when waiting for hours in a waiting room seems to be the norm. All the staff and helpful and friendly, and Dr. Chris Sibley is simply the best doctor I’ve ever had. He is kind, calm, and takes excellent care of my skin. If there was a way to have him teach others how to behave towards patients, that would be a dream come true!”

-Bonnie Beach, Google Review

Excellent experience with Dr. Sibley and his staff

“Excellent experience with Dr. Sibley and his staff. Everyone was very kind and friendly. I removed 3 moles. One by laser which was done on my face and the other two by the regular method which were on my abdomen and back. The results looks great! The process was painless, went smoothly and quick. Dr. Sibley was very knowledgeable and explained the whole process to me prior to the procedures. He was a kind and polite doctor. He also offered to remove the third mole for free! Which was a bonus since it is on the pricey side. I was very happy with my experience and will definitely recommend Dr. Sibley to family and friends. Thank you again :)”

-Lara Rahal, Google Review

7. Dermis Advanced Skin Care

Business Address: 116 Albert St #110, Ottawa, ON K1P 5G3


Instagram: Dermis Advanced Skin Care (@dermisadvancedskincare)

Phone Number: (613) 233-7546

Business Hours: Mon – Fri: 9 AM – 7 PM

        Saturday: 9 AM – 5 PM

Since 2007, Dermis Advanced Skin Care has delivered laser hair removal, cosmetic injectables, carbon laser peels, PRP treatments, and more. 

Owner Stephanie Toste is a business-savvy entrepreneur with a warm touch and has cultivated Dermis into a welcoming space where clients and staff feel valued. Plus, her Senior Medical Aesthetician, Jenny Jimenez, has over 15 years of experience.

Their clinic offers a wide range of cosmetic injectables, including Botox, Juvederm, Xeomin, Radiesse, Nuceiva, and Letybo, to name a few.

Also, their light and laser treatments, such as melasma spectra toning and vein and Aviclear laser treatment, cater to various skin concerns.

For pigmentation issues, Dermis provides medical-grade products with ingredients like kojic acid, licorice root, azelaic acid, mandelic acid, retinol, and vitamin C.

As a bonus, they offer limited-time offers, exclusive deals, and the Dermis Rewards Program, where every dollar spent earns 10 Dermis Rewards Points.


  • 17 years of experience
  • Wide range of cosmetic injectables
  • Light and laser treatments
  • Has medical-grade products
  • Limited-time offers and exclusive deals
  • Dermis Rewards Program


  • Reports of subpar customer service

Excellent experience with Dermis

“Excellent experience with Dermis. I’ve had 3 separate treatments, and am really pleased with the results of all of them. I an particularly happy with the laser genesis treatment’s effect on my rosacia. I used to have awful burning and redness on my cheeks, and the laser genesis treatments were very successful. I also really like that your treatments are done by the same person, and you have the opportunity to build a good relationship with the person who is performing the services. That is especially important when having more intimate services done.”

-Dana Banana, Google Review

Jenny is the best

“Jenny is the best. I came here for years while I lived and Ottawa, and now I come all the way from Montreal for the laser here and the service. Outstanding!”

-Jade, Google Review

8. Dermapure

Business Address: 22 York St, Ottawa, ON K1N 1K2


Instagram: DERMAPURE CLINICS (@dermapureclinics)

Phone Number: (613) 244-5151

Business Hours: Mon – Fri: 9 AM – 5 PM

Established in 2009, Dermapure boasts over 300 dedicated professionals, including 50 doctors and specialists. Founded by Marilyne Gagné, the clinic is known for its non-surgical cosmetic medicine.

One of her clinic’s dermatologists, Dr. Caroline Tosoni, has honed her expertise in non-surgical cosmetic medicine for over two decades.

Dermapure specializes in Ulthera treatments, using focused ultrasound technology to naturally tighten skin tissue. This non-invasive approach delivers effective results for facial contours, eyebrows, neck, and décolleté.

The clinic also offers Fraxel fractional laser treatment, a safe method for skin resurfacing that improves texture, evens tone, and enhances overall skin smoothness. 

For individuals dealing with varicose veins, Dermapure also provides sclerotherapy. It’s a non-invasive procedure involving the injection of saline or a chemical solution into varicose veins, effectively eliminating the veins. 


  • 15 years of experience
  • Dermatologist has over 2 decades of experience
  • Has over 300 dedicated professionals
  • Specializes in Ulthera treatments
  • Offers Fraxel treatment
  • Sclerotherapy


  • Reports of no difference after Botox

Had excellent experiences with Dr Tosoni and her team

“I’ve had excellent experiences with Dr Tosoni and her team. I’ve been visiting Dr Tosoni for Botox and fillers for almost 10 years now. Her work is so natural and she listens to exactly what I want. I’ve also gotten various facial treatments done with Jessica J, including BELA MD, laser genesis, Permea, anti aging facial, and most recently the Thermage. She has been so great in listening to my concerns and developing a skincare plan for me. I’ve seen amazing progress and have grown to trust her recommendations. She always thoroughly explains the process and benefits and my skin has never looked better! I’ll always go back to Dermapure.”

-Yasmin A., Google Review

Dr Tosoni and her team at Dermapure are excellent

“Dr Tosoni and her team at Dermapure are excellent. They are knowledgeable, kind and patient. I have received numerous facial treatments to fix skin issues (hyperpigmentation, glow) as well as Botox. Dr Tosoni is very approachable and gave me great advice for what to do for my skin, along with what not to do. Jessica is also amazing. I have had BelaMD, thermage, clear and brilliant and many more facials. Jessica is the sweetest person ans very knowledgeable about the treatments, their effectiveness and suitability for me. 11/10 would recommend this practice. Excellent service and quality results.”

 -Jenny mack, Google Review

9. The Best You

Business Address: 1545 Carling Ave Suite 202, Ottawa, ON K1Z 8P9


Instagram: The Best you (@thebestyou)

Phone Number: (613) 728-1008

Business Hours: Mon – Fri: 9 AM – 5 PM

For over two decades, The Best You has been a trusted choice for Ottawans, having served over 1000 clients. Led by Medical Director Dr. Julie Lockman, with 25+ years of expertise, the clinic offers skin assessments and treatments for cutaneous conditions.

Their team comprises board-certified surgeons, physicians, nurses, and highly trained medical aestheticians.

Belkyra (Kybella in the US) is one of their popular treatments – an injectable drug designed to reduce chin fat non-surgically. Using deoxycholic acid, this treatment destroys fat cell membranes, sculpting a contoured shape beneath the chin.

The clinic also features Venus Freeze, which uses Multi-Polar Radio Frequency and Pulsed Electro Magnetic Fields to heat tissue beneath the skin. This stimulates collagen and elastic fiber production.

To assist clients further, The Best You offers an online Skincare Advisor app. This tool helps patients choose the right skincare products based on individual skin types.


  • Over 20 years of experience
  • Over 1000 clients served
  • Medical Director has over 25 years of experience
  • Offers Belkyra
  • Also offers Venus Freeze
  • Online Skincare Advisor app


  • Pricey

Hands down the best cosmetic clinic

“I have been going to The Best You for 2 years now and it is hands down the best cosmetic clinic. They are friendly, knowledgeable and professional. I have had a mini facial and Botox treatments – I have recommended many friends and will continue to do so!”

 -Nicole Preston, Google Review

ALWAYS worth it!

“I’ve been using services at The Best You Ottawa West for the last year and a half. All aspects of customer service are great – friendly, knowledgeable, respectful and courteous. The location is easily accessible, ample parking (and they validate!); office is pristine and spacious, very comfortable. They have awesome deals a couple of times a year – ALWAYS worth it!”

-Debbie Munro, Google Review

10. Clini-Derma 

Business Address: 1729 Bank St Suite 208, Ottawa, ON K1V 7Z5


Instagram: Dr. Joseph Doumit (@clini.derma)

Phone Number: (613) 714-8877

Business Hours: Mon – Fri: 8 AM – 6 PM

        Sat: 8 AM – 4 PM

        Sun: 9 AM – 3 PM

Clini-Derma is helmed by double-certified dermatologist Dr. Joseph Doumit, who earned his medical degree in dermatology at the University of Ottawa. As a renowned speaker, Dr. Doumit has shared his expertise at national and international conferences.

His nurse, Reine, is experienced in injectables and is also sought after by his patients.

In the realm of medical dermatology, Clini-Derma addresses concerns such as acne, alopecia, rosacea, and skin cancers, providing expert care and tailored treatment plans.

For aesthetic dermatology, the clinic specializes in Botox treatments, effectively reducing the risk of fine lines and wrinkles. This results in a more relaxed and youthful appearance that delays the signs of aging.

An additional offering is Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy, a procedure where a small amount of blood is drawn, and separated to create a healing platelet-rich fibrin matrix. This is applied to the face to address concerns like scars, wrinkles, and creases. 


  • Double-certified dermatologist
  • Addresses medical dermatology concerns
  • Creates tailored treatment plans
  • Specializes in Botox treatments
  • Offers Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy


  • Might be hard to book

If I can give 10 stars, I would

“Highly Recommend! If I can give 10 stars I would. I have been getting botox and fillers by Reine for a couple of years. She is an absolute delight! She is very knowledgeable, passionate and caring, always placing client’s needs first. She makes you feel comfortable and explains all protocols to make sure I understand everything about the procedure. Reine makes sure the procedure is natural looking and suits my features!! Thank you Reine!!! Merci beaucoup!!”

-S C, Google Review

Had an amazing experience

“I was very hesitant to do lip fillers for the first time, but Reine took all the time needed during the consult to explain everything, all the side effects and even told me to go back home and think about it to be 100% sure that I wanted to do it. She also made sure to keep the look natural like I wanted, I did not feel any pain whatsoever. Overall I had an amazing experience and the filler has been for more than 8 months now! Would definitely recommend her”

-Eve Raya, Google Review